Crisis Readiness

Capita supports clients in al four phases of crisis readiness: Prevent – Prepare – Control – Learn.


Prevention is better than cure. We put a lot of effort in predicting and mitigating potential crisis. Over the years Capita has developed multiple proprietary tools to unearth the vulnerabilities of an organisation and define levels of severity of potential risks. We map and mitigate these risks through enhancing the strategy, organising operational excellence and empowering teams.


In order to guarantee a strategic approach that is tailored to each and every unpredicted sequence of events, Capita works with flexible process-oriented plans and protocols. We develop scenarios and templates, map crucial stakeholder networks and conduct training and simulations. Through anticipation and resilience we prepare the means required to run a crisis and create solid decision making processes for crisis management.


Once in crisis, optimising control is done through a multidisciplinary approach, a mature incident response process and a clearly defined crisis team. Active listening skills, an open mind and faith in people, preparation and processes is key to success. We lead the crisis team by following a set of rules, implementing the right steps in the right order to accept, assess and acknowledge the situation at hand. Then we solve and adapt changes.


Within 5 business days after the crisis ends we do a post-mortem learning review to assess what happened, why it happened and how we will make sure it won’t happen again. Following a template we analyse what went well, what could have been better and what was lacking. We do not make this personal.

In case of a severe cyber breach we conduct and lead forensic investigation complying with national and international regulations.